About Us

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    Business Philosophy:

    The only constant thing in our world is "The Change". Bearing this in mind we are based on the Philosophy -Change Empowers Us and We Empower the Change...!

    Ultraliant is an organization with strong principles, commitment and focus led by a team of well seasoned entrepreneurs backed by solid ethos. The key principle of our organization is to be able to interpret our clients' requirements into the viable solutions with the end result being that we deliver optimal solutions within the stipulated time frame. We deliver solutions that are viable and perfectly scalable. This makes us ideally suited to be your technology partner.

    We measure our success with the success of our clients. We believe to Improve upon mutually beneficial relationships with clients, all supportive external agencies and business associate.

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    Project Management:

    We believe that timely quality delivery is possible with strong Project Management and communication skills. Therefore, success of a project is matter of having the necessary technical expertise with the necessary Project Management & communication skills. These skills guarantee success through detailed specifications and a time schedule that is attainable by proper & timely communication with the client. The way the project team is structured plays a major role how it functions and the success of the project depends on planning, estimating and delivering process.

    We hire, train and motivate employees in creating a synergic organization which can deliver quality solutions to generate customer delight at the least possible cost.

    At Ultraliant, for every project, the sole responsibility is assigned to a Qualified Project Manager who manages the complete cycle, interacts with different people involved and leads to successful and timely completion of the project.

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    Project Implementation Policy:

    We use V-model of development to ensure a timely delivery of quality product. We have a dedicated Quality Control department which track & monitors the complete Testing cycle to deliver the best quality product. Ultraliant has a team of professionals who have the skills for software development. We have separate dedicated Team for each Technology, viz PHP, ASP.NET, Java, Mobile Application We implement every project in following Phases with Documentation:

    • Planning
    • Designing
    • Development
    • Testing
    • Implementation
    • Maintainance

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    IT Training:

    The company is dedicated to guide the IT industry and the professionals associated with the industry to competently compete and conform to international standards of quality, employee efficiency and productivity.

    ULT strategically caters to the need of three predominant sectors in IT viz. Software, Networking and IT Security. Our center is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver quality training.

    A team of internationally certified trainers offers quality education to our students as per the industry needs and standards. Our highly qualified engineers and consultants who hold numerous industry certifications with many years of experience in the industry, brings real-world experience to the classroom.

    ULT Corporate Training Solutions help organizations identify, customize, and implement technology training solutions for the modern corporate environment, thus allowing organizations to work with a single point of contact for all their staff training needs.


    Ultraliant aims to be a global provider of sophisticated, on-demand solutions that are secure, scalable, and upgradeable. We provide solutions to all your needs starting from business website for your organization to a complete intranet ERP & CRM solution to take care of your business requirements. We have a experienced team of analyst and engineers to provide you a perfect solution for your business needs.

    We are completely focused on innovative technology. The team members of our Company work intelligently to solve and manage the needs of the client. If you want to acquire Cost Effective Design solutions and inexpensive interactive technologies for your website and software application, then you can simply take the help of Ultraliant Infotech. We never compromise with the quality. We understand the Value of Money & Time and strictly follow the Dead Lines.

    Ultraliant possesses the unique ability to deliver innovative business and technical solutions to organizations by leveraging our industry expertise, helping our clients to achieve value through rapid deployment, delivering world-class quality at reduced costs. We are highly qualified to deliver customized software solutions for your business requirements. Our solutions are flexible, powerful and designed to meet your specific business requirements. Our team is capable of working with all the leading technologies in the industry with flexible timings.